Monday, February 18, 2013


When it comes to the weekend, it usually involves me living out of a weekender bag!  Travel much?? Not necessarily just stay the weekends not at home.  If I am not away for the weekend traveling for a cheerleading competition I typically stay at my boyfriends or friends house! I live in a really small town with not much to do on weekends so I like to go elsewhere! This weekend though it was so nice to wake up on Sunday morning and have the option to pick out fresh clothes in my own closet!! I had a shopping/movie date with my mom and errands to run.  I wanted to dress up yet still casual so this is the outfit I chose...

Tank: Aerie
Shirt: Old Navy- old (similar)
Belt- H&M-old
Jeans- American Eagle- old (similar)
Boots- Old Navy- on sale!!!
Bracelet- Target

What is your weekend style like??


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