Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails

I had acrylic nails on for a good part of my life, but finally a couple months ago I made the choice to be 100% natural nails. I feel as though I can do a lot more with them instead of having to wait 2 weeks until my next "fill" to change my designs or color! Now you can say I am a nail polish junkie! My bin is over flowing with them and I purchase at least a new color every week or two! Below is my latest design that will bring my into the Valentine's Day spirit! I used an oil base sharpie marker in gold to draw the design on. Don't mind how short and brittle my nails still are.. they are in recovery mood!!

Step 1. Pick you color scheme you would like to chose- I went with gold & red in observance of V-day!
Step 2. Paint nails with two coats or until your desired color is reached. Let dry fully.
Step 3. I used an oil based Sharpie from Target to draw the heart.
Step 4. Draw whatever your little heart desires using your Sharpie! Let dry at least two minutes before painting over top coat to make design and polish last longer!


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