Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Day Gifts

Today I felt like getting in the Valentine's Day spirit! I wrapped Joe's V-day gift (which I can't say what it is because he may be sneaking!) & also put together one of my cheerleading teams goodies bag! All in all it was a pretty productive night! I was thinking about doing a special little gift for the 14 days of February leading to the big day like found on this Blog. However, in the long run it would have cost just as much money as I spent on his actual big gift. I loved her ideas though and still used her printables for other Valentine's that I will be giving to out.  Check her blog out because she has so many cute ideas!  I love dolling up gifts because I feel it makes the littlest things look so special. Check out below how I decorated Joe's gift this year..

I decided to choose just a recycled wrapping paper I had used for making signs back in college for Football games.  It made for the perfect feel I was going for! Check out the Valentine goodies bags to the left of the photo.. 20 down 20 to go!!

From the Blog I spoke about before I then printed out some tags and looked for the perfect one! Taadaaa "I Heart You" 

And ladies and gents.. the final product. I added some red & white twine and the tag and that made the last touches.  The simple wrapping and use of bakers twine is perfect for Joe (simple yet classy)  

Do you have a Valentine this year and if so what are you doing special for them??

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