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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beer Bash

I'm soo happy to finally be posting details about what I've been working on for the past two months!!
Above is the invitation I created for the Surprise Birthday Beer Bash!! As you can tell the theme of the party was none other then BEER. I chose the colors of yellow, blue and chevron design.

To purchase click here & title email custom invites

To place order click here & title email custom coasters
It's hard to tell because the back ground is white, but I made custom round coasters as favors & decorations around.

To order personalized labels click here & title email Custom Labels
Used arches labels for the beer bottles to hand out as parting gifts along with the coasters.
Cake & cake pops were made by a friend of mine. Custom orders can be placed by visiting here

Painted beer steins filled with Baby Ruth Bars!

Peanuts for munchies in a Yankee's Tin

Dessert Table 1 with vanilla baseball cake pops & magic bars

Popcorn was a big hit with flavors of Bacon & Cheddar, Garlic & Parmesean, and Maple & Brown Sugar.. all favorites of Joe's from Popcorn Buddha

I also made place cards for all appetizers (Pretzels with Beer & Cheese Dip, Buffalo Wings, Nacho Bar, Franks in a Blanket..etc) in 2x3 frames I got from Target. Also, I made a wine/beer list using the chevron theme in a 8x11 frame from Target! Check out my post to see how I made Chevron banners along with a burlap "Happy Birthday" banner that will soon be for sale on my Etsy Shop.. 

Thanks for everyone who kept a secret and helped me with this!!

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