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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Coming Together

This past weekend some friends from high school's apartment burned down.  Not only did they loose their house, but they also lost their cars, everything inside, and their beloved dog.  Between their apartment, and two others, 9 people were displaced by this tragedy.  I made me so sad to think about what they are going through.  I can't even imagine in a blink of an eye EVERYTHING being gone.  Being left in the freezing night with only the clothes on your back and then to find out your dog companion didn't make it out either.  Thankfully, the community I live in is small yet mighty.  This all happened in the early morning on Sunday- by Church (9am) my town and surrounding ones started gathering clothes, food, shelter, & anything else we had for them! From little girls clothing, toys, men's clothing, everything came piling in.  Below is a Facebook post from a friend of one of the families...
Ok local FB friends. Many of you have seen or read about the fire that happened last evening. There were several families put out of their home. 1 of those families has 2 little girls. Their sizes are 7- 8 and 14. the mom has the size of 4 or 6 or medium in tops. The dad is a 32 waist and large shirt size. As I find out the sizes of any of the other families I will keep you posted but if you have any of the clothing please let me know as soon as possible and we can arrange to get them to the families.
Here is another one from the brother of one of my friends..

I don't post on here much, but I am posting today directly to the Slate belt community and the people that have come in contact with anyone from OUR community. Myself, as well as, my friends and family that were affected yesterday morning by the tragic events, are all part of our Slate belt community. We have all lived here all our lives and no matter what school we came from Bangor high school , Pius X high school , or Pen Argyl high school we all have that passion and competitive rivalry when we were in school but as we grew up we have come to support our community members and be proud of anyone that has come from this community  Or The businesses that we have patronized and have come to love. We all are part of this community and I hope this Slate belt family that I have grown to love will be able to help out with some great guys that have always supported the Slate Belt. We will be planning some events in the near future to help raise some money and support for the friends and families that lost all of their things. Hope to see you all there. We may not be the biggest Community in the world but I know we are the strongest.

This event really made me think not to take anything for granted..

So true

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